Prominent - Processes for MEMS by Inkjet Enhanced Technologies

The project description has been updated with the first year's main achievements as below- please also have a look at the website!

During the first 12 M period initial specifications were defined, different inks are tested for both TSV, RDL and bonding structures, and selective surface activation is used in development. One of the partners has acquired a novel inkjet system enabling superfine structures earlier unachievable with conventional technology and the system in now implemented in work. Also first 3D IC-MEMS assembles have been realized.

The Prominent 12M meeting: Stockholm, March 2014

The Prominent partners gathered at the Silex and KTH premises in snowy Stockholm to discuss the first year's achievements and to plan the future in March 2014. At the same time, the 12M review meeting was prepared.

Enjoy the summer season,


Hoping that it brings you new energy for the autumn,
Prominent partners