Abstract of Master Thesis: Development of Through Glass Vias (TGVs) for Interposer Applications

In this thesis work the manufacturing of through glass vias (TGVs) is presented. The TGVs were manufactured by adapting technique based on magnetic assembly developed at KTH for creating through silicon vias (TSVs). TGVs were fabricated by introducing nickel wires in via-holes that were pre-made on a glass substrate and applying a spin-on polymer to isolate the nickel wires from the walls of the via-holes.
Another focus of this work was improving the TGV and TSV manufacturing process. This was done by investigating the influence of the assembly speeds on the yield of the assembly process. Two methods for removing the excess wires left on the surface of the wafer after the magnetic assembly of the nickel wires were tested. Also the influence the pitch between the via-holes has on the yield of the process was investigated.
[Vlad Viorel Cornean]